Inverness Ear Piercing System
Designed to Safely Pierce Ear Lobes and Outer Ear Cartilage

Safety First

  1. Fully Enclosed Earring Cartridges
    Prevents exposure to cross contamination
  2. Patented Safety Back
    The patented Safety Backā„¢ shields the sharp piercing post and prevents the earring from being over tightened to the ear. This provides optimal air flow helping promote healing.
  3. Hypo-allergenic earrings* All earrings are Manufactured in the United States and are made compliant to FDA guidelines. Alloys you can trust!
  4. Sterility is Guaranteed! Unless the package is opened or damaged. Inverness follows strict sterilization protocols which allow for the written guarantee on every earring cassette.
  5. Hand Pressured Piercing Instrument. Our piercing instrument delivers a gentle and accurate piercing. The unique design ensures that only the disposable earring cartridge touches the ear.

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Inverness has the Safest, Most Technologically Advanced Piercing Systems Available Today!

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